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Legal Services

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Legal Awareness Program

As a church expands and the number of ministry opportunities increases, so does the possibility of potential legal ramifications. In fact, legal issues continue to be a growing area of church affairs, necessitating familiarity with the law.

To grow legal awareness within the church community and its neighborhood, we regularly conduct free workshops and seminars for poor and low-income group people on various topics, including the law of contracts, the law of torts, family law, divorce law, and child custody, landlord/tenant law, bankruptcy filing, immigration, Social Security benefits, traffic law, criminal law, and housing discrimination.

By partnering with Christian attorneys and running these programs, we serve the neediest people and help them remove legal obstacles and navigate through everyday legal issues. These programs also serve as a platform for us to share our faith without violating Constitutional provisions for the separation of church and state, provide spiritual counseling through prayer and referrals, and support people who seek strength through the glory of God.

If you are in need of legal assistance or have questions about your legal rights but cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, contact us at office@immanueli.org and we will do our best to help you.